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Jump Start Specials

Have you been burned by signing a long term advertising contract from a hotshot ad company and then never seeing any results? If you have, you are not alone. Here is another area where Improve Feedback changes the rules. Instead of demanding a long term commitment with minuscule results, we offer amazing results with almost no commitment. Interested? Check out our Incredible Jump Start Specials.

Google Adwords Jump Start Campaign

Test Drive Google Adwords for only $40! Your test drive will include campaign set up, monitoring and $110 worth of Adwords. You choose a keyword, we launch a custom designed program around that keyword and within 24 hours – Voila! You are on page 1 of a Google search for that keyword. How can we afford to offer such a deal? Because we know that GREAT RESULTS will bring you back.

Local Media Maximization (LMM)

In any metropolitan area there are up to 200 sites devoted to promoting or reviewing local businesses. Sites like Yelp, MerchantCircle, Tumblr and Google Places. Furthermore any successful local business needs a presence on Facebook and Twitter. Do you have time to create, manage and maintain all those profiles? Of course not. You’re busy running a business. Improve Feedback can do it for you. Our LMM program only costs $299 and will make your business a Local Media Superstar inĀ 14 days




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